Creative Technology

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We've always been interested in the magic that happens when digital and living spaces converge through human interaction. The exploration of new ideas through the lens of tech is something we crave. It is where our true self is served in the best possible way, being creative.


AI Projects

The advancements in AI cannot be ignored. We've been working with Machine Learning for a few years, most notably Revs our second hand car pricing prototype. So it made sense to take advantage of what OpenAI has to offer.
We've recently released a private Beta version called Imizuzu, a transcription service for WhatsApp voice notes. Simply send your voice note to this number and have it sent back to you in plain text. You can also sign up to the dashboard and view or copy your past transcriptions should you need them.

Flora Vision
Mishkat Renewables Game

Tech Convergence
Mishkat Museum Renewables Game

For us tech convergence is the process of combining technology grounded by human interaction. The Mishkat Interactive Center (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) for Atomic and Renewable Energy is dedicated to teaching children about the importance of renewable energy sources. We created software to run a creative game concept designed by Formula-D that allows kids to play on a big projected screen using physical objects to power up the House.

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Over 20 years

Celebrating two decades of innovation and expertise, our company stands as a trailblazer in the realm of interactive technologies. Take a walk down memory lane with us when in a pivotal moment back in 2007, we proudly pioneered the first-ever microphone interaction website for Lynx, aptly named LynxBlow. Our love for exploring new ways to make ideas happen has been there from the very beginning.

Lynx Blow
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