Mishkat: Renewable Energy

Developed 05.12.2022

The Mishkat Interactive Center (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) for Atomic and Renewable Energy is dedicated to teaching children about the importance of renewable energy sources and how they can help us save the planet. In order to make the learning experience more engaging and entertaining, I created the software to run the creative concept designed by Formula-D that allows kids to play a renewable energy game on a big projected screen using Touch Designer.


The game is designed to be easy to understand and fun to play. Kids can place objects representing renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal equipment, in front of the virtual house and the placement of the objects will be reflected in real-time on the projected screen. On screen hints helps the player decide where the particular renewable object should be placed. As the objects are placed, they will begin to power the house and the energy sources will be represented with different colours.


This software provides a great opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience with renewable energy sources and learn how each one works in a safe and interactive environment. The game also encourages visual and spatial learning skills as kids must figure out how to arrange the renewable energy sources in order to power the house.

The game is designed to be fun and educational and can be used to teach kids about renewable energy sources in a stimulating way. The Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy is proud to offer this innovative way for kids to learn about renewable energy and help save the planet!

Video courtesy of FormulaD_