Wezside was founded as a personal brand in 2002 when Wesley Swanepoel started his programming career at VWV, building applications, and focussing on multi-screen productions for trade shows and corporate conferences. He has always been intrigued by the visual side of data. Studying Multimedia gave him the best of both worlds by majoring in Computer Science and Visual Design.

In the early naughties he moved to London, England to further his career as a Creative Technologist and specialised in Flash programming for brand campaign websites at Dare Digital. It was here, in 2007 that Wezside started to shine with the advent of Arduino. Building multiple PR installations for local Cape Town based agency Herd Africa Wezside started to expand its repertoire into a more physical computing space.

Finally, moving back to Cape Town in 2012 Wezside continued to build installations, web apps, mobile apps to build on the experience of a cross technology approach that would be used until this day.

What is a Creative Technologist?

A Creative Technologist is a term used to describe a person that is able to blend technical and creative ideas and the process by which such an idea can be achieved. It usually is someone that has a firm technical or programming understanding but has creative flair to boot. Creative Technologist usually works in Marketing and Media and is often placed between the Tech and the Creative departments of such an agency.


Glenfiddich Independant Bar Installation

Whilst we embrace the term for presentation purposes, we are still programmers at heart. The difference is we tend to tackle projects which requires a convergance of more than one technology or programming language. Usually this requires communication between machines, peripherals and/or sensors with the person taking centre stage. The layman explanation and thought process surrounding the design of such a project we feel is best describe by the term Creative Technologist.

Why not just use the term Programmer or Software Engineer? In today's world Programmer or Software Engineer tends to lean more towards web technologies and while we use these often, we feel branding ourselves in this way restricts our possibilities for generating ideas which potentially is not possible on the web or can that can only live in the real world.

What we do

We love building things, ideas or things that make other things. We love technology and the exploration that comes with building ideas that we’ve never built before. We love building our own tools to help us along the journey. We love coding.

What we’ve done

We have successfully built many interactive art pieces, activations, passion projects, serious stuff like native mobile e-commerce apps to name a few. With over 18 years of experience in multimedia, new-media, physical builds and the mobile revolution we are confident that we can approach an idea and build it.

Meet with us

Have an idea? Why don't you get in touch and chat to us about how we can make it a reality at no charge.