Woolworths Mothersday Portrait

Developed 26.03.2018

The Woolworths Mother's Day Portrait project, conceptualized by Herd Africa and developed by Wezside, was an innovative campaign designed for Mother's Day. It focused on creating personalized digital moments to celebrate mothers. The process involved users uploading a photo of their choice. Once the photo was uploaded, users had the option to select from various frame designs to enhance the visual appeal of their image. Additionally, they could add a personalized byline to give a more customized touch to their message.


After the customization process, users had two options for sharing their creation. Firstly, they could download the photo and share it on various social media platforms, allowing them to publicly celebrate their mothers and share their affection with a broader audience. Secondly, for a more dynamic presentation, users had the option to download the photo as a GIF. This feature added an element of animation, making the digital moment more engaging and visually appealing.

The project leveraged digital technology to create a unique and personalized way for individuals to show appreciation for their mothers on this special day. The combination of personal photographs, customizable frames, and bylines, along with the option to create a GIF, provided a modern and interactive approach to traditional Mother's Day greetings.