Developed 22.07.2014

Concept and Development

The Disaronno Vine Wall is a unique software solution developed by Wezside and conceptualized by Herd Africa. It's primarily designed for brand activations and leverages the popularity of Vine videos. By integrating with Twitter, it displays these videos in real time as they are shared on the platform. This innovative approach aligns with the growing trend of incorporating social media into live events for enhanced audience engagement.kk


Implementation at The Disaronno Showcase

The first implementation of the Vine Wall was at The Disaronno Showcase. Here, attendees were encouraged to create shadow puppetry videos. These videos were then uploaded to Twitter from the client's account, using a specific hashtag. The innovative aspect of this approach was in how it seamlessly merged live event participation with social media interaction, creating a buzz both onsite and online.

Technical Execution

A key technical decision in the Vine Wall's design was to download the entire video file instead of streaming it. This approach was chosen to avoid buffering issues, which could disrupt the user experience. Given that Vine videos are short and have a capped size, this method proved to be efficient and effective. The software was able to quickly download and play the videos without significant delays.

Playback Algorithm and Branding

The playback algorithm of the Vine Wall is designed to ensure each video receives ample display time – metaphorically providing each video its "15 minutes of fame." After this period, the video is flagged for removal. Importantly, the software also includes provisions for displaying branded Vine videos. It ensures that a minimum number of these promotional videos are shown, integrating brand messaging into the experience. This feature is crucial for the activation's branding purposes, allowing sponsored content to be displayed alongside user-generated content.

In Summary

In summary, the Disaronno Vine Wall represents a sophisticated blend of social media integration, live event engagement, and brand promotion. Its use of real-time video display, combined with a smart playback system and a focus on both user-generated and branded content, makes it a standout example of modern marketing technology.