Tiny Sessions

Developed 06.06.2020

Tiny Sessions is a short live online streaming session that celebrates the South African hustle. From artists, entrepreneurs, instructors and performers the live stream gives an opportunity to present work, training or just to share valuable insights in different industries.

Tiny Sessions was created during the hardest of lockdown during the Covid pandemic. We decided to see how hard it would be to build a streaming platform with ticket sales during the slower period of the pandemic. Turns out we were able to put out an minimal viable product (MVP) in a month which is crazy considering how long it would take to build from scratch. But since we are open source enthusiats we found solace in OpenVidu and other platforms offering developers the means to take advantage of Web RTC. Web RTC is a recent (new) standard for streaming online using the browser. You most likely would've come across this if you have used Zoom or Teams but straight from your browser.

Unfortunately we were unable to find investment for this platform quick enough and had to put it on ice since we bootstrapped this project financially from the get-go. We love this idea though and therefore haven't fully memorialized it. Who knows maybe one day...