The Claw

Developed 25.07.2014

The Claw is an innovative retro arcade machine, reinvented for modern events and branding purposes. Developed by Wezside under the concept of Herd Africa, this machine has been utilized by brands such as Clear, Sunglass Hut, and Mr Price to engage and entertain audiences.

Distinct from traditional arcade machines, The Claw incorporates advanced technology with an Asus Xtion Pro 3D sensor replacing conventional controls. This sensor translates a player's physical movements into 3D coordinates, which are then processed by a C++ application. The application commands an Arduino micro-controller to maneuver the claw in the game.

Unique to The Claw is its integration of social media. To participate, users must use a specific Twitter hashtag or like a Facebook page, thereby enhancing brand exposure beyond the immediate player.

Although not a hack in the traditional sense, The Claw exemplifies a convergence of nostalgic experiences with contemporary technology. It offers a unique experience of controlling a physical object through a familiar virtual interface, appealing to users' sense of nostalgia and engagement with current technology.