Style Me

Developed 30.11.2023

Explore the journey behind StyleMe, a cutting-edge hair styling mobile application, through our behind-the-scenes video. This app, conceived to revolutionize how you visualize yourself with various hairstyles, leverages AI technology for a unique face-swapping experience. Users could see themselves with a range of hairstyles, from classic 80s looks to edgy punk styles, using AI-generated faces.

The core challenge in developing StyleMe was not just achieving the desired end-result but intricately piecing together the entire app architecture. This involved employing Replicate for model deployment and integrating AWS Lambdas for handling API requests.

Behind the scenes: Developing an AI Mobile App

Despite its innovative concept, StyleMe faced hurdles that prevented its public release. Key among these was licensing issues with the InsightFace model, a critical component in the app's functionality. The developers of InsightFace imposed restrictions, largely due to concerns over the likeness accuracy of the deepfake technology and potential misuse. This led to the removal of the model from the GitHub repository.

The project, however, benefited from the open-source code ROOP, which was instrumental in understanding and applying the InsightFace model. The team extends gratitude to the creators of ROOP for their contribution to the open-source community. Yet, it's important to note that the InsightFace model itself remains off-limits for commercial use. This situation highlights the ongoing complexities and legal uncertainties at the intersection of AI and copyright laws.