Redbull Share The Experience

Developed 18.08.2014

The Redbull Share the Experience social platform, conceptualized by Supernice and developed by Wezside, is a dynamic digital initiative launched by Red Bull South Africa to centralize and enhance social engagement for their numerous events across South Africa. This innovative platform is anchored by a custom-built content management system, which empowers Red Bull to efficiently orchestrate and manage new events.


A key feature of the platform is its ability to track social media activity in real-time, focusing particularly on Twitter and Instagram. By monitoring specific hashtags, usernames, and search terms, the system ensures that Red Bull stays connected to the pulse of social conversations surrounding their events. While it primarily focuses on Twitter and Instagram, the platform is versatile enough to support additional social media channels.

To maintain the quality and relevance of social interactions, the platform includes a robust moderation system. This feature plays a critical role in filtering out any inappropriate or undesirable posts, ensuring that only relevant and suitable content is associated with their events.

Each event hosted by Red Bull has its unique flair, often reflected in distinct themes or designs. The Share the Experience platform addresses this need for individuality by offering customizable design options. Clients can easily adapt the platform’s appearance and functionality to align with specific event themes, doing so within a user-friendly set of parameters. This flexibility not only enhances the visual appeal of each event but also reinforces the unique identity of each gathering under the Red Bull banner.

In essence, the Redbull Share the Experience platform is a testament to Red Bull South Africa's commitment to fostering engaging and interactive social experiences. By leveraging advanced technology and thoughtful design, the platform not only streamlines event management but also significantly amplifies the social reach and impact of Red Bull's events in South Africa.