Mishkat: Around the World

Developed 10.10.2023


Mishkat Around the World is a state-of-the-art project developed for The Mishkat Interactive Center in Riyadh by Formula D_, focusing on educating children about the origins and journey of various words, emphasizing the Arabic language. This immersive, interactive museum installation uniquely merges education with entertainment, offering an insightful look into the linguistic heritage and global influence of Arabic.


The interaction aspect of "Mishkat Around the World" is highlighted by a large, interactive floor projection of the Earth, controlled by three players each using a tablet. This interactive map allows participants to track the journey of words from their Arabic origins to various global destinations. Each player can see their plane traverse across the map, unveiling the story of each word and its influence across different cultures. This feature not only makes learning about language origins engaging but also promotes teamwork and global awareness.

Tech Convergence

The project seamlessly integrates various technologies to create a unique interactive experience with the user as its centerpiece.

  1. Floor Projection with Touch Designer: The heart of the exhibit is the floor projection of the Earth, meticulously crafted using Touch Designer. This sophisticated software allowed for the creation of an engaging and responsive visual interface that reacts dynamically to the inputs from the tablets. The fluid animation and real-time data processing highlight the technical skill required to bring such a complex system to life.
  2. Native Android Apps for Tablets: Each player interacts with the projection through a native Android app, designed specifically for this installation. These apps not only control the planes on the projection but also serve as interactive guides, providing information about the journey of words. The use of native apps ensures smooth performance and a user-friendly interface, essential for keeping the participants engaged and immersed.
  3. Integrated Communication System: The most remarkable aspect of this tech convergence is the seamless communication between the floor projection and the tablets. This required intricate programming and network management to ensure real-time, lag-free interaction. The system is designed to be intuitive, allowing users of all ages to easily engage with the installation, making the learning experience both effective and enjoyable.

The "Mishkat Around the World" installation is a testament to the power of technological integration in educational tools. By using advanced software like Touch Designer and native Android applications, the project not only educates but also captivates, placing the user at the center of an enriching linguistic journey. The level of technical skill and innovation required for this project highlights its unique position in the realm of interactive educational experiences.