Menu Planner AI

Developed 30.11.2023

We built this awesome tool to make busy people's live a lot easier. Utilising ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion AI technology to generate a menu based on personalised input from you, Menu Planner will deliver a weekly designed menu right to your inbox!

Our platform is designed to help you plan and organize your weekly menu effortlessly. With Menu Planner, you no longer have to worry about the tedious task of deciding what to cook or eating the same meals every week. Our advanced algorithm uses natural language processing and machine learning to create customized weekly menus based on your preferences, dietary requirements, and food allergies.

We understand that everyone has different taste preferences, which is why our algorithm is designed to create unique meal plans for each user. Whether you're a meat-lover, vegetarian, or vegan, Menu Planner has got you covered. Our platform also takes into account your dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and allergies, and suggests recipes accordingly. You can also customize your meal plan by selecting your preferred cooking method, cuisine, and ingredients.