Lynx Blow

Developed 2007

The Lynx Blow project, by Dare Digital and developed by Wezside, represents a significant advancement in digital marketing for the Lynx brand, known globally as Axe. This project marked a pioneering effort in interactive advertising, particularly through its innovative use of technology to engage consumers.


The campaign was centered around a microsite, a specialized, compact website dedicated exclusively to this specific marketing initiative. Its design and concept were meticulously crafted to resonate with Lynx's brand identity, which is known for being playful, slightly risqué, and often incorporates a touch of cheekiness in its advertising. The simplicity yet novelty of the concept was a key aspect of its appeal: users could interact with the site using the microphone on their computer, a feature that was relatively unexplored in advertising at the time.

One of the most distinctive features of this campaign was the use of the microphone for interactive purposes. This was among the first advertising campaigns to do so, inviting users to connect and calibrate their microphones to participate. The primary mode of interaction involved users blowing into their microphone, which would then trigger a response on the website. The highlight of this interaction was the ability to 'blow the clothes off' a Lynx model featured on the site, an idea that played into the brand’s edgy and playful image. This unique and memorable interaction likely increased user engagement and the time they spent on the site, contributing significantly to the campaign's success.

From a technological standpoint, incorporating microphone interaction posed a considerable challenge, given that it was not a standard feature in web design during that period. The development team faced the task of ensuring that the microphone could be easily connected and calibrated by a broad spectrum of users, regardless of their technical skills. Additionally, ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices was a critical component of the development process.

The impact and reception of the Lynx Blow project were likely substantial, generating considerable buzz due to its innovative approach and alignment with the brand’s image. It may have also garnered recognition within the advertising and marketing industries for its creative and technical excellence. This project set a precedent for future interactive advertising campaigns, showcasing the untapped potential of using emerging technologies to engage users in creative and interactive ways.

In essence, the Lynx Blow project was a groundbreaking venture in the realm of digital marketing, successfully blending technological ingenuity with an interactive experience that was in perfect harmony with the brand's identity. It paved the way for future campaigns, demonstrating the vast possibilities of interactive technology in the world of advertising.