Loeries Registration Photobooth

Developed 16.11.2012

The Loeries Registration project, a brainchild of Herd Africa and Wezside, was a highlight at the Loerie Award Show in 2012, revolutionizing the traditional registration process.


This innovative concept transformed a simple photo booth into an artistic experience, where attendees could get a personalized A3 glossy poster. The process involved registering and then having a photo taken, which was then superimposed into a randomly selected frame. To enhance the visual appeal, each photo was treated with an Instagram-style filter, ensuring it blended seamlessly with the chosen poster theme.

This project wasn't just about creativity; it was also a technical marvel. The team developed all the necessary software from scratch, which included integration with a high-end Canon EOS 5D camera. Collaboration with a professional photographer was crucial to achieve the desired quality, making the experience of capturing snaps of strangers not just innovative but also fun. The posters were printed and ready for collection post-keynote, adding an element of anticipation and excitement for the participants.

The success and impact of this project were far-reaching. It marked the inception of Eventsnap, a tool that would later be employed for numerous other clients and events. This venture stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration, blending technology and artistry to create memorable experiences at events.