Glenfiddich Independant Bar

Developed 13.06.2017

The Glenfiddich brand, renowned for its spirit of innovation and creativity, has once again demonstrated its prowess with the introduction of the Independent Bar. This venture symbolizes Glenfiddich's long-standing tradition of producing exclusive and sought-after single malts. The highlight of this initiative was an avant-garde tasting experience, uniquely blending an audio installation with a bespoke bar. Patrons experienced the novelty of sipping whisky cocktails tailored to their individual voice prints.

The development of this project, completed in a challenging timeframe of four weeks, was approached with a strategy emphasizing simplicity and the creation of additional tools for real-time GUI adjustments. This approach proved effective, leading to the development of five iterations that increasingly aligned with client feedback, with each version improving upon the last. Despite the time constraints, which are a common challenge in the development world, significant progress was made.

The project required innovative solutions in audio visualizations, building on previous experience in this area. A key requirement was the analysis of real-time audio, as opposed to the pre-recorded tracks typically used in music. Research led to the discovery of the Essentia library, an impressive tool for audio analysis. To streamline the development process under the tight deadline, the ofxAudioAnalyzer add-on was employed, greatly reducing the learning curve and focusing on practical application.

The visual aspect of the experience was crafted using GPU shaders, with OpenFrameworks serving as the platform. Due to hardware limitations of the Intel NUC, which lacked a dedicated GPU and had a maximum memory of 1GB, performance considerations were paramount. This necessitated adjustable visual elements such as particle numbers and geometry. Additionally, a tool was developed to visualize and record audio data, allowing for analysis of the impact of environmental sounds.

Ultimately, the project was a resounding success, offering guests an innovative and engaging way to experience Glenfiddich. The popup bar, operating for four months and open from Thursday to Sunday, amassed over 7,000 unique voice prints, a remarkable achievement for such a limited operating schedule.