Flora Vision

Developed 18.12.2023

In our pursuit of a project to put OpenAI Vision to the test, Wezside, The Creative Tech Studio, embarked on a fascinating journey that resulted in the birth of Flora Vision—a web app prototype that redefines plant identification. Driven by the desire to create a practical application for OpenAI Vision , we saw an opportunity to seamlessly blend technology with nature, providing users with an effortless process to identify plants.

Our initial challenge revolved around addressing the response time for large images, a common hurdle with robust AI models. Determined to enhance user experience, we devised a solution. Leveraging HTML5 canvas, we resized uploaded files, slashing response times by an impressive 56%. This optimization not only showcased our technical prowess but also highlighted our commitment to delivering a swift and efficient platform.

Flora Vision's rapid development wasn't just about overcoming challenges; it was also about selecting the right tools for the job. We crafted the project using a powerful combination of Serverless AWS Lambda, AmplifyJS, and TailWindCSS. This tech stack not only facilitated a smooth development process but also ensured scalability and reliability for future enhancements. The speed at which Flora Vision came to life, built in less than a day, speaks volumes about our agility and proficiency in the tech space.

As a testament to the project's success, Flora Vision emerged as a user-friendly, informative, and efficient plant identification tool. Beyond the sleek interface and robust algorithms, the app is a showcase of how our creative thinking, swift problem-solving, and the right technology stack can transform an idea into a reality. Wezside's Flora Vision isn't just a web app; it's a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when our innovative minds converge with cutting-edge technology, delivering a tool that enriches our understanding of the botanical world.