The Claw

The Claw is a retro machine built to entertain and attract people at various events for different brands.

This is a reworked arcade machine with futuristic controls and a social media credit mechanic. We replaced the traditional joystick and push button with a 3D sensor (Asus Xtion Pro) which translates your personal movement in space to 3D coordinates a software program can understand. The C++ application interprets these coordinates and sends messages via an Arduino micro-controller to move the claw in various directions and to trigger the downward grab. In order to play, a specific Twitter hashtag or Facebook Page Like is required by the user. The key incorporation of social in the user experience made sure the brand was exposed to more than just the player standing in front of the machine.

Whilst not a true hack in the strictest of terms, it does tap into a convergent technology experience. The experience of nostalgia while using current familiar tech to manipulate something from the yonder years, is a powerful and wonderful feedback mechanism to any user. It's the same feeling when controlling anything physical using a very familiar virtual interface.

The Claw machine is available for rental in Cape Town, South Africa. Get in touch!

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